Advanced ETL Processor QlikView automation package


We have a scenario where we have a large datasource that is currently used to produce a single QVW. What we would like to do is produce a number of smaller QVWs using e.g. Publisher - however, we would like to define the reload schedule and destination folders that these smaller QVWs end up in from an external MySQL table (or config file or similar), rather than through the Publisher GUI. Has anyone done anything similar, or got any recommendations on how to approach this?


Package is executed from the lef to the right starting from “Init Variables” object


First of all we’ve created the following table to store parameters, it can be extended if necessary


Table data:

Table Details

Step 1: Init variables

Variables are used to replace one string with another, for example anywhere in the package where <RootDirectory> is found it will be replaced with C:\Customers.

Init variables

Step 2: Inc

This script ins increasing variable <loop variable> by one (two times)


Step 3: Get Variables

This step executes the following SQL to get variables form the databases, before execution <loop variable> is replaced with actual value


Set Variables

Step 4: Create directory

This step creates directory if it does not exists

Create Directory

Step 5: Copy dashboard

This step copies Dashboard to just created directory, so it is easy to distribute updates

Copy Dashboard

Step 6: Generate QVD files

This step is used to create QVD file, if it necessary to create several files we can just add more Export steps or for complex cases we can use transformation object to create QVD files



Step 7: Refresh Dashboard

This step is used to Refresh QlikView dashboard, data is loaded from the same directory where Dashboard is stored

Refresh Dashboard

Step 8: Compress Dashboard

Compress Dashboard

Step 9: Email Dashboard


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Last updated: September 17, 2022